Martin Norton: An Introduction #FacesOfBGSA

May 13, 2019

With a keen interest in the martial arts, it wasn't long before Martin Norton became a full-time coach and instructor; having the unique opportunity to train alongside some of the best instructors in the world, including Paul Vunak, Dan Inasanto and Jerry Poteet, to name a few.

While training, Martin was exposed to (and ventured into) the outdoors, where he discovered his passion for outdoor adventure - climbing and mountaineering his way across UK and Europe. His primary passions include canoeing, rock-climbing, mountain biking and winter mountaineering which he uses to fine-tune his skills and experience while working full-time at the Academy.

Martin has been with BGSA as an instructor for over five years and during his time with us, he has led 24 hour and extreme courses across all the UK locations; becoming the lead instructor for all courses in the South Downs and most recently has joined the team in a full-time capacity to work with Scott, to oversee instructor training, conduct location recces and support the office team with creative direction for our portfolio of courses, often working behind the scenes as a safety consultant on Bear's TV shows.

His primary survival advice, above all? "Always back up your back up!"

We quite agree, Norts!