Location Spotlight: The Catskills

May 02, 2019

There's a reason the Catskills is the ONLY location for BGSA course in the USA - with its verdant forests, narrow, winding valleys, rushing rivers and streams, crashing waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife; it's one of the toughest (and most rewarding!) places to earn your survival stripes!

In addition to a challenging and dynamic training grounds in the heart of coyote, bear and bobcat country; the Catkills is also home to one of our strongest teams of BGSA Instructors who take the teams of adventurers through their paces!

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The Wilderness Survival Family Adventure is a 24 hour course designed for parent and child teams to build confidence, improve communication and providing a unique opportunity to bond without the distraction of day-to-day activities and devices.

"My daughter and I had an amazing time at the 24 hour family BGSA course in the Catskills. The instructors are amazing, very knowledgeable and will help you push yourself to your limits and beyond. I would absolutely recommend this course to friends and family alike. It's a one of a kind experience."
Vincent Kreyling
Wilderness Survival Family Adventure
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From hour one, participants on the Wilderness Survival Course, are lead into the wilderness and given a limited supply of food and water. It is then up to them to forage for wild food to supplement their diet and use their skills to self-rescue within the 24 hours!

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"The Survival Academy is an exciting opportunity to escape the rush of life and learn necessary life skills. Our group bonded instantly and had a memorable 24 hours hiking, tracking, practicing the art of firestarting, building shelters and surviving in the woods. Just the right mix of challenge and comfort, the 24-hour experience is perfect for people looking to dip their toe into outdoor survival. Immediately upon surviving the weekend, I started dreaming of attending one of the longer, more intense programs!"
Mallory Paige
Wilderness Survival Course
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Our most extreme course offering in the Catksills, Survive the Catskills challenges adult participants to survive 5 days, safely navigating their way through rocky gorges, rugged cliffs, craggy outcrops and fast moving white waters; to safety.

"I could not have been happier with my experience at Survival in the Catskills 5 day extreme course! The instructors were amazingly skilled and professional, breaking down concepts in a fun and easy to learn way while allowing us to really challenge ourselves in a unique way. By the end of the course I had bonded with the other participants and learned valuable lessons about myself, both of which I will carry for the rest of my life! Highly recommended!"
Richard Crump
Survive the Catskills