Raising Children: Are we missing the point?

March 06, 2019

Many parents labor under the misconception that expensive toys and devices are must-haves to keep their child(ren) content. It's not that children don't appreciate the gifts you give them, but they are not the recipe for a happy family.

What really matters is the time you spend with them, sharing new experiences, and making memories that will last forever.
A toy/device will hold a child's attention for a limited time, but experiences like these are never forgotten!

This is the foundation to the way Bear and our team designed the White Water Family Adventure course. One of our most popular courses, this 24-hour experience is delivered by highly skilled instructors and features challenges posed by whitewater, woodland, and gorges. Parent and child teams learn crucial survival skills, such as how to build a shelter and a fire, how to navigate at night, and how to purify water.

Your budding adventurers will learn the most effective and safest ways to use a knife and how to cross rugged terrain back to civilisation. The course includes dynamic river runs, rope skills, foraging for wild food, setting traps and snares, dynamic self rescue techniques, a whitewater gorge walk, and emergency water rescue techniques - there is even a waterfall jump to put your courage to the test!

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