3 Reasons why outdoor team building events improve mental health & wellbeing

June 12, 2024

In the workplace and office environments, it can be challenging to get enough time outside and reap the mental benefits. Outdoor team building activities can be overlooked, but here is why they should be considered to improve your team’s wellbeing.

1. Stress reduction with a connection to nature

Leading mental health charity Mind says that spending time outdoors in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, with exposure to green spaces and sunlight proving to have a calming effect. Outdoor team building activities provide the perfect opportunity to connect your employees with nature. Whether they’re navigating trails or taking part in survival-themed challenges, the connection to the natural world helps to alleviate mental fatigue.

2. Releasing endorphins through physical activity

Outdoor team building can quite often involve physical activities such as climbing, hiking or obstacle courses. When teams engage in physical challenges as a group, endorphins will release, not only improving their fitness but also creating a bond through shared experiences. And the sense of achievement and camaraderie can also effectively contribute to their mental wellbeing.

3. Fostering creativity in a new environment

Routine office environments rarely allow for a break in an outdoor setting. Moving your team to a new environment can stimulate creativity and improve the ability to problem solve. Whether that’s through intense and dynamic team building experiences inspired by survival skills or simply allowing your team to be in an open space within nature, these challenges encourage teams to think outside of the box and promote mental agility.

It’s important to remember that outdoor team building isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s about nurturing mental resilience, promoting wellbeing, and creating new bonds. Embracing the wilderness and providing your team with a new adventure is an efficient way to foster greater mental health and wellbeing within your workforce.

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