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For the journey of a lifetime, take a trip beyond the limits of your comfort zone!
Bear Grylls
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Ever wanted to recreate an adventure you've seen Bear Grylls go through on the TV?

Bear could happily survive on a desert island using only a few of his survival skills, his wit, courage and determination and of course an animal corpse for food and shelter! Now it can be your chance to take on the wild, if you have always wanted to emulate Bear’s adventures then now is the time, as they say, the mountains won’t come to you…, how should I go about it we hear you ask?

Contact us here at the Survival Academy, we can create a journey at either a location that you have been longing to visit but haven’t found the right time or reason to go, somewhere Bear has filmed one of his shows before or at one of our popular spots. Our expert instructors and guides will put you through your paces, encourage you and motivate you to reach the top of game. We can arrange an adventure film crew to capture the whole journey for an experience that will stay with you forever.

Let us take you, a friend, a group or a team on a unique, tailormade journey following the theme and ethos of Bear’s TV Shows such as “Running Wild” or “Bear’s Mission with…” We are all too used to a luxurious lifestyle of pampering, modern day technology and gourmet dining, but not when you embark on this type of adventure. Go back to basics, learn a few skills on the way – you never know when you might need them. More importantly, have a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience.

Evaluate your surroundings!

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Rappel like Bear

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Cross the desert.. find a way back to civilisation

Once you find yourself in a survival situation the first thing you should embark on is a thorough survey of the surroundings. Is there a fresh water source? Are there any dangerous animals nearby? Can you protect yourself from the elements?

In any survival situation, you need to determine your priorities, then act calmly and methodically. Bear uses this memory aid: "Please Remember What's First"

P for Protection: Be sure to animal or human predators, extreme weather and other threats.

R for Rescue: When lost, devise a plan for getting help, whether by setting a signal fire, leaving signs on the ground, or writing "SOS" where it can be seen from the sky.

W for Water: Locating water within 24 hours is essential, since your survival without it is limited to about three days.

F for Fire and Food: Building a fire provides warmth, protection and a way to cook food and boil water. While you can survive three weeks without eating, you'll have a much better chance of self-rescue with protein and energy.

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