Life Experiences You Get from the Course

  • Create lifelong memories
  • Strengthen the bond with your child
  • Become a hero in your child’s eyes
  • Ditch the same old weekend activities
  • Bond with other parents like you

Exciting Activities You'll Enjoy Together with Your Family

  • Dynamic river runs and/or lake crossings
  • Emergency shelter builds
  • Rope skills – crossing difficult terrain
  • Survival knife skills and fire lighting
  • Foraging for food, setting snares & traps
  • Dynamic Self Rescue Techniques
  • Tree top canopy climbing
  • Spear making & throwing
  • Stalking

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Adventure Feedback

"Fantastic Adventure. Highly recommended. Josh, Willie, and Jake were outstanding. The knowledge and professionalism was fantastic." - Eric Romero
"I have completed many survival classes ans this was one of the best. The instructors, Josh, Jake and Willie were excellent and a great pleasure to be associated with, they are fantastic." - Kevin Long
"What an amazing adventure! The instructors were awesome, the team was great, the activities were very fun and there was a lot to take in ... Which all distracted me from the fact that yes, it did hurt a little!" Katie Watkin
"Incredible experience. It definitely "hurt a little", but I would not have changed a thing! The instructors (Josh, Jake) were outstanding - knowledgable, supportive, and approachable. The course is harder than you think, but you come back stronger, smarter, and with a renewed perspective on what's important in life. It's one thing to think you can survive if you have to, it's another thing to put it into practice. I have no doubt that I could after this experience." - Dave Evans
"The instructors seemed to really know what they were doing. I learned some new things. They kept us moving at a good pace. They were all fun to hang out with." - Kirt Jensen
"I could not have been happier with my experience at Survival in the Catskills 5 day extreme course! The instructors were amazingly skilled and professional, breaking down concepts in a fun and easy to learn way while allowing us to really challenge ourselves in a unique way. By the end of the course I had bonded with the other participants and learned valuable lessons about myself, both of which I will carry for the rest of my life! Highly recommended!" - Richard Crump
"A challenging week of teamwork, instruction, and pushing through barriers...I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to grow!" - Eric Beck